Best Yong Tau Foo in Johor Bahru (JB)

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Affordable, adorable and absolutely delicious – Yong Tau Foo is among the crowd-pulling attraction in hawker stalls and restaurants. Tracking back a little history, this Hakka-Chinese dish first started off by filling tofu with minced pork meat, as our craving and creativity expanded, it has taken new forms and they are still evolving. Predominantly these days, fish paste has given minced pork its heyday to reach a wider audience. Each mouth-watering morsel is prepared with intensive labour and deft skills before its spread sumptuously, and it’s tagged as a healthy food if it's boiled and sinfully delicious if it’s fried. Either you pair it with assorted noodles or delve it down by its own; you’re guaranteed to fall head over heels with joints below. 

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    Ak Noodles House

    Hailed as the cognoscenti of fish ball noodle, AK Noodles House needs no introduction in Johor Bahru. Aside from the impeccably good noodles, their Yong Tau Foo is also cornering the headlines as variety is the main draw here. The best seller curry YTF is a gorgeous looking dish that offers a medley of savoury and spicy whirlwind on your palate along artisanal handmade YTF which is stuffed with addictive filling. You can also opt for the regular boiled version which is served with a treacly sauce or turn a little sinful with their deep-fried morsels. If you’re a fan of Yong Tao Foo, you’re in seventh heaven. 


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