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Celup-celup bersama! Translated to English, it means, Let’s dip together! Satay or also originally and popularly known as sate, has been an iconic Malay dish that’s mainly comprised of just one ingredient; seasoned meat! Most satay meat is smothered with turmeric powder and grilled on charcoal until it’s fully cooked, some are burnt until the skin is dark and that’s where the smokey taste comes from! Impress your friends and family, especially the ones living abroad coming back for a holiday, to some of Kuala Lumpur’s best satay around!

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    Warong Sate dan Cafe Mak LongHalal a81b201f94b2180a29928950eefa06850871fc85c2ba8fcb39753bdbcdfb49cfCertified

    Satays have been helping tie tummy bonds between friends and family since ever for its delectable traits. While there are many places to offer such delicacy, Mak Long Warung Sate & Café is one of the gems to bring in a variety of mouth-watering satays. Going with a majestic traditional theme, one can admire their efforts to preserve a beautiful Malay heritage while indulging on an array of authentic Malay cuisine. Have a bite of their sweet yet savoury smoky beef and chicken satays along with kuah kacang as the perfect accompany.

    Accompany your satay with nasi impit to balance the flavour.

    Things to expect

    Spacious so bring along your friends and family.

    Best with

    Kuah Kacang.



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    Warong Sate dan Cafe Mak Long View restaurant

    Jalan Puchong (Batu 6) , Old Klang Road, 58200, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur
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