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Pisang goreng cheese or rather, cheesy banana fritters is the new food trend swooping down in Malaysia. Roadside stalls selling this Indonesian delicacy has been popping up left, right and center of every empty spot by the road nowadays. I even spotted three of them in my housing area. It feels like there is going to be an attack of the pisang goreng cheese and soon, they will be planning for world domination by getting humans addicted to it. Sadly, I am one of those human being who has fallen victim to the cheesy & sugary deliciousness of the bananas. How can you not? Look at that melted cheese and glittery sugar on top of crispy freshly-fried bananas coated with a thin layer of flour… You may scoff now & think that this addiction is ridiculous but go ahead, I dare you to take a bite into one of the banana fritters sold at the stalls below & see if you can stop. I dare you.

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    Ah, Jakarta… the birthplace of Pisang Goreng Cheese. But the owner is Malaysian, going by the name of Uncle Ahmad Lim. This outlet has some of the weirdest concoctions of recipes in the world of banana fritters such as Mandarin Melted Cheese which has slices of mandarin oranges, but I’m pretty sure it works, based on the demand and excellent review on Facebook. They even have crunchy Oreo and yeah, the crowd favourite, Messy Chocolate. The banana fritters here are different, they feel different. The skin is smoother and less jagged like most pisang goreng, so it tastes a little bit closer to its Indonesian counterparts. It’s probably a proven recipe since Pisang Cheese Jakarta has more than five outlets all over Klang Valley. Hmm… maybe Pisang Goreng Cheese is more than a food fad after all.

    They’re planning on releasing Pisang Penyet and Pisang Cheese Bakar to the public, so keep your ears and eyes out

    Things to expect

    A whole new level of banana fritters.

    Best with

    Some Teh O Limau Ais while you’re at it.


    RM6.00 to RM8.00

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    Pisang Cheese Jakarta View restaurant

    Restoran Lawangsari, Jalan Plumbum X 7/X (Behind Pasaraya Giant Seksyen 7), 40000, Shah Alam, Selangor
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