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It’s not new to have spaghetti every once in a while today. After getting bored of our usual meal of rice and dishes, its nice to have the tables turned for a meal or two. In Malaysia, apart from McDonalds and KFC, spaghetti is probably the next most common thing for those who crave something western (whether American, Italian or French etc). Through the years since the inception of spaghetti, a lot has changed. From the type of spaghetti, sauces and even key ingredients used, the spaghetti bolognese we once know is starting to lose its name. However, fear not as more and more unique and interesting spaghetti are underway. Hence, here is the list to the best Spaghetti you can find in KL!

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    Peekaboo CafePork free d90bfb235d64e73ff14d8ad65b89aaab71a3af43962907cb9cd494af0a63fa21

    Nothing screams more scrumptious than a serving of succulent Teriyaki Chicken on your plate of hearty pasta. That’s right, Peekaboo’s Teriyaki Chicken Pasta is one dish you will not want to miss out on. This well marinated chicken chop is full of sweet and savoury flavours that are well infused and is made to complement the pasta perfectly. A handful of mushrooms and capsicums are also tossed into the dish, giving you more texture and taste. If you’re active in social media, their beautifully decorated interior is sure to draw lots of attention. 


    It’s located on the second floor.

    Things to expect

    Nice natural lighting for pictures!

    Best with



    RM9.00 to RM18.00

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    1-3-M, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 13, Arked Esplanad Bukit Jalil, 57000 , Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
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    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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