Best Fried Bee Hoon in Melaka

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We Malaysians go head over heels for noodles, and bee hoon is among the frontrunners in the scene. These super-thin noodles can wedge its way into a number of variations but purists would never deny that the fried version usually takes the cake. The fried bee hoon can be laced with any combination of ingredients you deem crave-able. Tossed with assorted seafood, kept simple with eggs and tofu cubes, or wedges into creative concoctions, you can brag all day long about it. Hitting the sweet spot between variety and sheer deliciousness, with pleasure we present to you a crib sheet of the best-recommended bee hoons in Melaka. 

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    Cili Padi Mi Fen @ Durian Tunggal

    If you’re a devotee of spicy food, this rustic restaurant is where you should steer your wheels over. The outlook might appear a little rough around the edges, but their signature dish does not pale in terms of flavours. Staying true to the name, their chilli padi bee hoon is liberally loaded with a chilli padi, chicken chunks and vegetables. Spicy, satisfying and full of flavours are best adjectives to describe this luscious dish. Also, keep an eye out for their curry chicken that goes really well with the noodles. 


    Char Kuey Teow and Chicken Curry Rice does not disappoint too

    Things to expect

    Unassuming ambience and huge crowd

    Best with

    Iced Coffee


    RM5.00 to RM10.00

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    Cili Padi Mi Fen @ Durian Tunggal View restaurant

    142, 76100 Durian Tunggal, Malacca, Malaysia, 76100 , Durian Tunggal, Melaka
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