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Hot pots have remained to be an integral part of the Chinese dining cuisine simply because the food is good and simple, perfect even for large gatherings. Sichuan or mala flavoured broths are always a favourite choice, especially for those whose tongues crave only the spiciest. The typical Sichuan style broth is essentially made up of lots and lots of Sichuan peppercorns, heaps of dried chilies and drowned in a thick layer of chili oil. So for all those who desperately need the heat, here’s a list of the recommended Sichuan hot pots in KL.  

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    Hong Kong Hot Pot RestaurantNon halal 01f78899591256b47a2708a65f6538333b86089a30fbd22545a41deece4ea490

    This hot pot restaurant will transport you to Hong Kong the minute you lay eyes on the décor and hear all the classic Cantopop music your father always whistles to. Their Sichuan Spicy broth is packed with lots of flavours and that ought to be the case, especially with the generous amount of dried chilies swimming around. Just a spoonful of the broth will bring you the authentic taste of Hong Kong. Although it’s mild in heat, the pork bone broth base will curb that annoying itch for too much spice; because it’s just that good.


    Its increasing popularity calls for a reservation

    Things to expect

    Tight table seating and prices that fall on the slightly pricier side

    Best with

    Famous HK Beancurd Roll and the freshly made prawn meat paste



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    No.39, Lot 10-a, Level 2, Telawi Square, Jalan Telawi 3, 59100, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur
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