Let’s say you just woken up in time for brunch. You live around Petaling Jaya and so happen, this morning, you are in the mood to get coffee and breakfast in a café, or more specifically, small and simple yet serene café. Located amidst the small industrial surroundings of Taman Mayang, this café serves their food and beverage with a loving touch from their makers to similar willing cravers or hungry appetites. Upon stepping inside the café, customers can expect exactly of their impressions of the outside, simple and cosy.

Designed with a minimalistic theme to its life, the café features polished concrete floors supporting the small wooden tables and uncomplicated chairs to the ground, by which customers can pick from their reasonably abundant amount of menu options at the bricks and mortar counter in white, manned by ultimate friendly people to guide customers through their tough choices before settling down and enjoying whatever it is that has been ordered. Being a café, big breakfast is served. With a big portion to it which includes huge sausages, toast, oranges and a bit more, it is sure to satisfy your morning feel of goodness in your tummy.

Besides big breakfast, a range of pastas, cakes, sandwiches, salads and many more is also available to help you through your mid-day cravings. Other than that, visiting this dining establishment makes it a must to try their fish and chips that includes a couple of huge cuts of fish, nicely fried and some wedges on the side served with the usual salad. Pork chops are also served here and it also happens to be among the best sellers. Being a café, espresso-based drinks are a sure find here as well.