Jibby & Co has been lingering in the mouths of majority of people for quite some time now. This standalone restaurant, unusually yet perfectly located at the valet parking of Empire Shopping Gallery has created a sensational hype amongst people from all ages due to its remarkable built-up and interior design and décor. Flawless with their décor, Jibby & Co provides contemporary cosy ambience for you to relax with friends and family. While the attraction lays mainly on the interior and ambience, Jibby & Co serves breakfast/brunch to main courses and desserts of Eastern and Western food. With the tagline is “Come for the food, stay for the coffee”, another highlight of the restaurant would, be you guessed it – coffee. 

Let’s start off with breakfast! The Jibby Big Breakfast is what the name states – a big breakfast choice of scrambled, poached or fried eggs accompanied with beef bacon, chicken sausage, spinach, assorted mushrooms, hashbrown and roasted tomato and thyme. Other breakfast choices are the eggs benedict as well as omelette, poached eggs and baked eggs.

For a fresh light kick, opt for the salad selection of the menu. As for their mains, indulge on their signature pasta, fish and chips, pan-seared fish, lasagna and burgers for their French fries as well.

Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with their rendition of French toast, the Kick Azz French Toast made with Brioche loaf with vanilla bean custard, mixed berries drizzled with maple syrup and salted caramel.
Another signature dessert is their Pavlova, Chocolate Lava cake and Cheesecakes. As for beverages, their milkshakes ranging from Banofee pie, roasted hazelnut, strawberries and cream and chocolate are patrons’ favourites as well among coffee.