Nestled along the streets between colonial street-houses dating back to the times of the British residency, Yong Pin Restaurant dishes out sumptuous Chinese dim sum which had attracted quite a number of attention, casual eaters and food lovers alike.

With its operating hours of dawn til noon and dusk til midnight, the restaurant mainly caters to folks in search of a hearty breakfast or fulfilling dinner/supper fare, dim sum style. In general sporting your traditional Chinese dim sum fare entailing the usual Har Gao (briny shrimp dumplings) and Siu Mai (succulent pork dumplings), along with other dishes such as pork ribs, fried wantan, chicken feet and golden custard buns, patrons will find themselves spoilt for choices all the whilst in no shortage of decadent good eats.

Leaving the lighter bites of Chinese culinary morsels behind, patrons will be able to see for themselves what other good eats with a substantial portion in which Yong Pin provides. If you are partial to Chee Cheong Fun, Hong Kong style, rejoice for Yong Pin serves the delectable rice noodle roll -containing diced Char Siew and shrimps; lathered with light soy sauce. Aside from that, Loh Mai Kai (steamed glutinous rice with chicken) are served her as well, so those yearning for rice can opt for those instead. Either that or an order of savoury duck noodles will do you just as right as well.

Of course, never forget that in this places, piping hot tea would be the best beverage to go along with the scrumptious good eats. Thus, be sure to order a pot of hot Pu Er or Tie Guan Yin, just to name a few to complement your eating session.

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