Dim Sum by day, and Steamboat by night, this isn’t a fairytale or a story about green ogres, this is about a restaurant in Penang, popular for their affordable, delicious dim sum. Dim Sum Restaurant hasn’t been around for long and yet the queue for their yummy, authentic style dim sum has the neighbourhood talking.

Dim Sum Restaurant serves a variety of dim sums including Prawn Dumpling, Prawn and Pork Dumpling (Har Mai), Gyoza, and Har Gao. They are also famous for the non-dumpling items that they serve such as Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun, Nam Yu Bao (Red Fermented Bean Curd Roasted Pork Steam Bun), Deep Fried Prawn in bean curd skin, and Egg Tart. Since the restaurant only opens from morning to late lunch time, many customers prefer to have their breakfast here. One of their go-to choices to start the day is the Porridge with Century Egg. A smooth and simple breakfast, dig into steamy rice porridge with the slightly salty century egg, topped with crunchy fried wonton skin, ginger and spring onions. For a heavier breakfast during weekends, try their Braised Chicken Feet and Lotus Glutinous Rice, of lotus seed, mushroom and meat cube, all wrapped up in lotus leaf.

Dim sum restaurants are considered a culture, particularly to the Chinese. With so many restaurants selling dim sum, it is a tough competition. However, some restaurants believe in serving quality at a bargain price, though not many, but still exist. Especially at the food capital of Malaysia, this is one place that you can expect to find good food without burning a hole in your pocket.

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