Modern European serving fancy plates at prices as friendly as its name. Opening a new French restaurant in Troika building takes guts; it must be the only Kuala Lumpur postcode where it’s easier to get a plate of fancy asparagus than a bucket of fried chicken. But within weeks of opening, Cantaloupe at Troika Sky Dining is already booked up on weekends. Located high up in the sky on the 23rd floor, this high-end restaurant provides the most amazing view of KL skyline. If you know a man named Chris Bauer who was responsible for Frangipani, then you would love this one because he is the man behind the marvellous 8 course meal prepared to excellence boasting its flavours and aesthetics.


The sky-high eatery offers an extensive wine list that are personally picked and imported from France, along with a range of organic and biodynamic delightful cuisine. Every last detail at Cantaloupe will get your personal attention – answering the phones, wiping plate edges, checking you enjoyed your meal. Never have we known a menu to undersell its dishes with such modesty. Everything that is served to you from the start is simply delicate and precise. To enticed your palate, homemade baguette, butter, and three types of salt – basil, paprika and truffle are served to you. Mains like Roast Wagyu Sirloin Pavé and Foie Gras Satay will be coming your way and ready to incite your taste buds with elegant and classy flavours.


After the wonderful and delectable 8 course meal, we assure you that you would probably offer several hand-clapping emojis to Monsieur Chris Bauer, a man in possession of the key ingredients for a brilliant chef. 1. He can cook. 2. He can really, really cook.