Here in Johor, the Roasted Duck is no stranger to the local food scene and for many locals and foreigners alike, Restoran You Kee XO has captured their heart when it comes to having a really good piece of roasted duck. A family operated joint of a few generations to date, You Kee XO pride themselves as one of the established purveyor of excellent roasted duck in the state and boy, do they deliver.

Their signature roasted ducks (the XO Roasted Duck), roasted to perfection, entails a rich brown gleaming outer skin, which is crispy in texture and delectable smelling to the olfactory senses. Underneath it all, the meat, being subjected to meticulous roasting over extended periods of time, is juicy and contains the savory goodness minus the fats which have all but extracted during the laborious roasting process. As such, the end product is a real culinary achievement. 

Aside from their duck, You Kee XO also serves roasted chicken and pork. In terms of their chicken, it is mainly roasted the same way the duck is. But of course, the latter by far outstrips the former in terms of taste and popularity. As for pork, the variation includes the barbecued version (Crystal BBQ Pork Belly Char Siew) and the roasted one (Roasted Pork Belly). With the former, you have get to experience a porky delight with enticing sweetness enhanced by the pork fats, while the latter will bring about a satisfying crunch as you chew on the tender, lean meat, with crispy skin and all. 

If you are not into rice, fret not as You Kee XO also serves noodles to boot, and as far as their signature dishes go, anyone visiting ought to try out their tonic soup, a broth derived from a various selection of traditional Chinese herbs mix together and cooked for prolonged hours at a time. You will most likely feel invigorated after downing a bowl of the particular broth. Fish (Steamed Fish with Green Ginger Paste) and beancurd (Volcano Beancurd) dishes are also served here, readily available for patrons to sample at a moment's notice.