Located right before the Woodlands Crossing, on the side of Johor, this particular roasted duck specialist have been catering to the cravings of avid duck enthusiasts -local and foreign alike; for as long as the restaurant exists. 

Portraying simplicity both on the exterior and interior, this particular Chinese food joint whips up a frenzy when it comes to gourmet relish, dishing out one of the nation's best roasted duck (though with a twist) -not to mention chicken and pork as well. 

In terms of its roasted duck, while Ya Wang does indeed deliver the usual crispy on the outside, tender on the insides sort of thing with its duck game but there is something else that the people in Ya Wang do which is the game changer. Unlike other places, Ya Wang's roasted ducks are doused using a certain broth comprised of traditional Chinese herbs upon roasting, which in turn brings about a distinct herbal flavor. As a result, Ya Wang's duck meat are not only tender and juicy, but full of herbal flavor as well, and as far as the locals are concerned, they are enthralled by it.

If you are not a fan of duck, the barbecued pork (Char Siew) is also quite the dish as it sports lean cuts of meat smothered with sweet sauce while the roasted version of pork is essentially drier but has an enticing smell to it due to the roasting process. The roasted chicken, too, is worth a try as it is rather well prepared.

As for their side dish, their lotus soup is rather popular among the patrons. Loaded with lotus roots, groundnuts, pork and dried cuttlefish, the soup is the embodiment of typical Chinese cuisine. And speaking of Chinese cuisines, Ya Wang is also quite a dab hand in the cooking of your everyday Chinese dishes, from vegetables to seafood to beancurds.