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Derived from the words teppan, which means hot plate and yaki, which means grill. The result is a simple addition that leads to what we know now as teppanyaki. Prepared and cooked on a hot griddle, the constant selling point of the teppanyaki is the freshness and smoking hot texture of the ingredients and food, lacing the palate with sizzling and moreish wonders. A staple layout consists of individual island counters that will have customers seated in front of the griddle, where the magic happens. Nevertheless, many Japanese restaurants have the setups at the back, allowing customers who are not fond of smoky environments and volatile oil. Having said that, here are some of the best recommended teppanyaki in KL.

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    Konnichiwa! (That means “Hello” in Japanese) What if I tell you that all it takes for some smoking hot teppanyaki is just a few escalators away? That’s because Level 4 of Lot 10 is a floor filled with Japanese restaurants and I dare say Fujisakura is one of the most delectable and affordable teppanyakis you’ll ever find. 


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    Things to expect

    Spacious food court

    Best with

    Fried Chicken Omelette Teppan Dish


    RM18.00 to RM25.00

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    Fujisakura View restaurant

    P1, Level 4, Lot 10, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
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