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Little did people know that tuna apparently belongs to the mackerel family of which it makes a lot of sense since both are impressive – edibility wise. However, what makes tuna triumphed over others is the fact that it can be eaten almost with anything and canned ones are no exception. With bountiful amount of canned tuna to choose from, here are some of the recommended ones that will definitely make the cut for your taste bud. 

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    Big Value: Light Tuna Chunk in Vegetable Oil

    Big Value Light Tuna Chunk in Vegetable Oil is lightly seasoned. It is great for sandwiches or even when you feel like cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Its vegetable oil gives an interesting volume to the taste and the huge chunks provide flexibility in your preference to your final dish. In addition the oil provides enough moisture to the chunkiness. Huge tuna chunks can easily be dry and tasteless but Big Value somehow manages to create a balance in the two. Being on the cheaper side, Big Value Light Tuna Chunk in Vegetable Oil is definitely worth your money!


    Place(s) to Buy: AEON BiG.

    Things to expect

    Level of Chunkiness: 8 out of 10; Ratio between Tuna and Oil: 2:3.

    Best with

    Best Taken: As a sandwich ingredient, or to be used in cooking.


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