Best Nasi Kunyit in Penang

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Captivating with luminous yellow hue and often accompanied with rich chicken curry and hard-boiled egg, Nasi Kunyit definitely prides itself as a dish that signifies good fortune, wealth and royalty. Also known as “yellow rice,” the glutinous rice is infused in turmeric and coconut milk, forming an appealing mound. Commonly found during a wedding or special occasions by the Malay community or baby’s Full Moon celebration among the Peranakan enclaves. Everyone turns one month old only once while wedding invitations are not flocking in daily. Frustrated yet yearning for this gooey goodness? We have foraged the finest in Penang, May you’re blessed with flavours and fortunes. 

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    Tree Monkey is widely vaunted as a restaurant not to be missed if you visit the northwest territory of Penang Island. Paradisiacal pleasure guaranteed, being a vantage point that offers vista over a scenic stretch of beaches and lush greenery. Whet your appetite with their bright and appealing Nasi Kunyit which is imbued with fresh coriander leaves. It’s good on its own, but if you yearn for its best pal, there are plenty of chicken varieties to tag along. 


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