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Have you ever had a moment where you suddenly crave for something in the midst of your busy schedule? That craving is so intense that you can only satisfy it IF and only IF you have a taste of it. What is this all about? Laksa. Yes, the ever famous legendary laksa from Penang. Citizens from all over the country drive miles and miles to Penang to have a bowl of this spicy noodles with a strong fishy aroma (which may somehow smell bad to certain people). Nevertheless, Penang has the best to offer to those laksa fans and even those who do not really enjoy it. It will change your life!

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    Flavour? Checked. Location? Checked. Price? Checked. The laksa here is specially made and has a more subtle and “toned-down” taste profile compared to all other stalls around the island. If you prefer a more well-balanced flavour and not so much of spiciness and a fishy smell, then this place is for you! Its gravy creates a perfect balance, soothing to the tongue and throat without causing you to choke on any chilli flake. Not only that, quench your thirst with their must-try rojak. You won’t regret it! We promise.


    Try both the cendol stalls nearby.

    Things to expect

    Limited parking space.

    Best with

    Rojak, Cendol


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    Joo Hooi Café View restaurant

    475, Jalan Penang, 10000, George Town, Penang
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