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Traditional shaved ice dessert is used interchangeably with the term "pat-pooh" in the olden days, while the modern generation typically regard it as ice kacang or with just a simple abbreviation of “ABC - Air Batu Campur”. In the recent years, this milk-syrupy ice kacang drenched with a must have irresistible sweetness of gula Melaka, has evolved into a flamboyant dessert and is adorned with whatever toppings made possible, such as nuts, puree, grass jelly, biscuit sticks and ice-cream. Whatever the term is, this salivating dessert has been tailored just for you, with the best ice kacang in Melaka!

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    Ming Chong Hygienic Ice Cafe

    Ming Chong Hygienic Ice Cafe has been around for over 60 years. Apart from its rustic facade, this place used to be selling common desserts of all time such as Pak Poh Ice (ice kacang) and cendol. If you’re searching for cold dessert in the evening, make a pit stop here. Just so you know, this place serves its bowl of ice kacang made using its traditional ice shaver since 1928! So antiquey and authentic, and the shaved ice is adequately fine!


    Closes during 1st day of CNY.

    Things to expect

    Come early to get a good parking spot.

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    RM2.00 to RM5.00

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    Ming Chong Hygienic Ice Cafe View restaurant

    43, Jalan Bunga Raya, 75100, Bunga Raya, Melaka
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    Every day
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