Best Eggs Benedict in Melaka

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As known by many, eggs benedict is a popular meal found on most English breakfast menus. This open-faced version of an unleavened bread consists of a slice of bacon or ham, a poached eggs, and a rich emulsion of the lip-smacking Hollandaise sauce, all atop two halves of an English muffin. It is also topped with fresh garnishings such as arugula leaves or served alongside a bed of lettuce at times. With a single pricking by the fork, the molten egg yolk flows down effortlessly and mingled with the sauce pond on the plate, creating a glorious pool of goo to soak up with the bread, leaves and bacon or ham. There are numerous variations of this dish as well. With numerous variations, comes different names that conveys the uniqueness of this dish. Hence, whatever name that floats your boat, chances are, you wouldn’t be disappointed that’s for sure, after discovering this disgusting yet delicious goodness pool of goo with the best eggs benedict in Melaka.

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    STED abc

    STED abc is a place that provides basic accommodation, in addition to a cafe. It is located amidst the rich heritage of Melaka, hence it is usually patronized by backpackers and students from exchange groups programs. The menu here may not be that impressive; nevertheless, you can sample a fair range of homemade brunch and desserts accompanied by its in house crafted drinks. Whether it is a staycation or you’re a first timer, the made to order Eggs Benedict with its flavourful and generous application of Hollandaise sauce here will not disappoint.


    Opens daily. Cash terms only.

    Things to expect

    Bed and breakfast during your stay here.

    Best with

    Cake in a Jar.


    RM10.00 to RM30.00

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    STED abc View restaurant

    13, Jalan Hang Lekiu, 75200, Melaka, Melaka
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    Open Now
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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