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Cookie Monster is probably my favourite kind of man monster. He loves life, plans for world domination one cookie at a time, and seems unbothered with how stuffing those cookies makes his eyes go all googly and wonky. Ahh, I could marry Cookie Monster if he was real, heck, I might even BE him. I have never NOT loved a cookie. You can put a cheap pasar malam cookie in front of me & I will still gobble it up. Too bad, that when it comes to the world of cookies, most people seem to only think of chocolate chip cookies when there are so many others to be enjoyed. There is nothing more tummy friendly than a warm cookie crunching in my mouth and I’m sure most of you (especially girls) will agree. Now, since online businesses thrive for Malaysian cookie extraordinaires, I thought it’ll be fit to list the Best Online Cookies in no particular order. Enjoy!

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    California Cookie CompanyPork free d90bfb235d64e73ff14d8ad65b89aaab71a3af43962907cb9cd494af0a63fa21

    Previously, we have listed California Cookie Company for having one of the best online cakes in KL for their carrot cake & here they are again for a different list. This time, it’s the cookies that takes the cake (oops! Pun intended), specifically their M&M cookies aptly named, The Castro. Oh my gee, we have never seen a more perfectly crafted cookie than The Castro. The M&Ms are placed so neatly next to each other on the cookie, creating a bed of colours on the golden brown cookie. And the shape! Let’s not even go there, we can pen words after words after words of how perfect California Cookie’s The Castro is & it will probably take more than a day. But for now, you have to have these or do not claim yourself a foodie.

    They have a booth in Mont Kiara on certain days & if you’re lucky, you might grab a jar of cookies if you visit them.

    Things to expect

    Perfectly shaped cookies with no room for uneven edges. Oh, the OCD in us.

    Best with

    Iced chocolate.


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    California Cookie Company View restaurant, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
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