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Since olden times, coffee has been an important part of society's culture. Despite its long history, coffee had not actually been as significant as today. Now, it is not just a beverage but it is also art. Moving forward, coffee is precedentally deemed a luxury since the introduction of high quality coffee beans. Either way, whether it is a RM2 Kopi'O or a RM15 flavoured latte, look out for these cafes in Melaka that we love!

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    TBCPork free d90bfb235d64e73ff14d8ad65b89aaab71a3af43962907cb9cd494af0a63fa21Alco free 9fb1f2c65edc2c1eaf4e8b24402d108dd33cc2bc71f0fb0022a54c3c390a66c8

    You might be wondering: what is TBC and where does it stand in the cafe community? For those who are unaware of the cafe, TBC is an acronym for Teddy Bear Cafe whereby the cafe is flooded with soft and cuddly bears of all colours, sizes and shapes. What better way is there to spend your afternoons if it isn't with a cup of slurp-worthy coffee (and teddy bears, if you're into that)? Distinctively, TBC excels in frozen coffee cubes. Pour in a little warm milk, you'll witness the dissolving process which is fairly straight-forward but yet enjoyable to watch.

    Park at the 4th floor of the parking.

    Things to expect

    Plenty of teddy bears.

    Best with

    Otak-otak or cake.


    RM8.00 to RM14.00

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    TBC View restaurant

    Lot F3-021, F3-022, Level 3, Terminal Pahlawan, Jalan Merdeka, 75000, Bandar Hilir, Melaka
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