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The origin of the delicious flatbread we call naan comes from India. Well, that should not have come as a surprise. In Malaysia, cheese naan is like our very own Malaysian twist on what would have been a simple, plain dish. Boring would have been a better word. Putting twists on food is what we, Malaysians, do best. So, in celebration of our creative minds, we have put together a list of the best Cheese Naan you can find in Kuala Lumpur. Everything is gonna be so cheesy, everyone so brace yourselves!

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    Nathan’s Corner’s Cheese Naan is probably the Bob Marley of all cheese naans with the strands of chese strewn all over the naan. Sound mouthwatering enough? If not, then feast your eyes on the accompanying photograph. Despite being not as famous as the other mamak in the OUG area, (read: Steven’s), Nathan’s holds its own ground when it comes to its cheese naan. Firstly, its visual aspect is just gorgeous and stands out from the rest. Instead of just melting the cheese as a simple middle layer between the crust, the geniuses threw them all onto the crust, creating what we here like to call; a beautiful mess. Messy is good when it comes to food presentation, especially when it’s all about the cheese.

    The shisha here has received good reviews, so if you’re looking for a hookah fix.

    Things to expect

    Lower prices than Steven’s we hear.

    Best with

    If there’s an award for Best Iced Milo, then Nathan’s should get a plaque of their own.



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