Japanese food. What is it that pops up in that mind of yours when someone mentions to you those two words? Do you immediately think about the fresh and delightful, mouth – watering tender slices of sashimi? Or the thrill of dining Japanese style – with chopsticks and sitting on a mat with short tables? Or perhaps the usually not cheap price tags? Whatever it is, everyone that goes in to a Japanese restaurant, usually leaves satisfied, especially when sake is present.

Established by the established, Caffeinees Group, to rethinks the market to serving some of the freshly catches around. Yamaguchi Fish Market possesses fish tanks that houses only the highest quality of fish to king crabs to ensure that it is rightfully transferred to your plate in freshness or purchased back home at good deals. If you are looking for a place to chill with friends and drink then this is the place to visit. From sake to vodka and whisky, you can enjoy them with not the usual fries to munch on but instead raw seafood.

Inside, customers can expect to be greeted by a very modern looking, somewhat minimalist ambience that also has a cosy and spacious feel. While here, of course do give their sashimi sets a go, which ranges from all the freshest fish you can think of. The Chirashi Bowl is also one to give a go to. It includes minced toro, uni, ikura and mixed butter prawns. Also, high quality salmon eggs can be enjoyed on its own or with sushi.