Hai Peng Seafood Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

We all know Klang is well known for having the best seafood restaurants and this humble old restaurant is one of them. Nestled in the busy streets of Old Klang Road, Hai Peng Seafood Restaurant has been passed down for two generations. The restaurant is known to be an old times restaurant with its furnishing and decorations from the 90’s. Though the simple decorations, the cleanliness of the restaurant is very well maintained. The place is definitely no five-star ambience, but the taste of the food would definitely make up for that with the experience they provide. With its recent renovation of the restaurant, the restaurant now has an air-conditioned section to provide a better dining environment to their customers.

As its name suggests, Hai Peng Seafood Restaurant is famed for its seafood, particularly their crab dishes. Most notably, is their sweet and sour crab which a signature dish here. The thick sweet and sour sauce drizzled all over the crabs are often paired with fried Chinese buns. Here in Hai Peng Seafood Restaurant, they do serve fried Chinese buns but regulars here would opt for their charcoal toast bread that surprisingly goes really well with the sweet and sour sauce.

But before digging into your crab feast, get yourself their grilled bean curd stuffed with cucumber and topped with their own BBQ sauce and some peanuts as an appetiser. You could also go for their deep fried chicken wings which is seasoned perfectly and fried to perfection for an alternative choice. When you are there, you might also want to try out some of their popular dishes which includes the Ginger Fried Clams, Fried Mee Suah and their Kampung Chicken with Chinese Herbs.

Been through two generations of rain and shine, Hai Peng Seafood Restaurant would be one of the places to visit if you are looking for some authentic seafood.