When you go out with friends or family and the all too familiar words emerge, “where are we going to eat”, what do you respond with? Well, in all honesty, usually this question goes unanswered and you guys probably end up at that usual mamak restaurant. At least for one, you can add this place to your list. If you or anyone you know, for some reason, just loves breakfast and do not mind having breakfast at any time of the day then Tedboy Bakery here in Petaling Jaya, or more specifically, Jaya One, can help out.

From 11 AM onwards, you can enjoy from a range of their all-unique menu – they have a few other branches, the typical toast with jam and butter is available to satisfy your “snack-y” appetite or simply, the Classic Eggs Benedict can be the answer to your protein needs. This place is a restaurant and bakery combined, one can enter and buy straight off from their pastries and breads section, like any other bakery, or dine in and enjoy everything else they have.

The bakery section is stocked up daily with homemade items, all freshly baked in their in-house kitchen. At the end of the day, all items that were not sold would be given to charity. Being very kid friendly, there is a kids’ educational play area located just next door. It aims to give children a play area where they can learn to bake in fun. Inside the restaurant, there is also a section for kids’ to join baking workshops set-up in partnership with The School.

While here, do give their Asian Duck & Beetroot Salad a go, it features a salad base topped with duck breast slices. Besides that, if you happen to be a waffles’ person, fret not, you can get their homemade honeycomb waffles with a choice of salted caramel, vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Also, do not miss out on their Shepard’s Pie, Roast Chicken and the Mango Chilli Duck Rice, all freshly prepared with the highest of quality and freshest ingredients.