No worries if you’re coming in a bunch or with kids tagging along. Skippys Pizza is not only a bar, they are also a great place for family dining. This hidden enclave down Petaling Jaya welcomes customers with its laid-back interior and finger licking good food. Skippys Pizza has been opened for about 10 years and their operating hours are from 11.30am to 12am daily. However, their kitchen closes at 10pm. Therefore, be there before 10pm to try out their mouth-watering dishes.

Skippys Pizza has made it easy for you to reach them by having delivery service. You just have to whatsapp or message them your full details and order your food, they will deliver it to your doorstep. The minimum order for deliver service is RM30 and above.

There are variety of pizzas out there. But have you ever eaten pork pizza? Never? Then, you should definitely try the mouth-watering pork pizza from Skippys Pizza. Not only that, their pizza dough and sauce makes them unique and outstanding compared to other outlets. This is because their pizza dough and sauce are home made and only high quality ingredients are used. Skippy Pizza’s dough is made from olive oil whereas their garlic and chilli oil are made from sunflower oil.

PIZZA - MEAT LOVERS (with bacon, ham , pepperoni, minced pork, onions & bbq sauce)

Nothing beats a chilled beer after a tiring and stressful day after a long day of work. A drink with friends or loved ones might just do the trick. Skippys Pizza has an open bar as well where customers can choose a series of beers, cocktails and whiskey from. We had their draught Carlsberg and their draught Asahi. It all goes back to customer preference on whether they prefer a dry japanese beer which is slightly sweeter or the famous carlsberg which is a little bitter. Make sure you head to Skippys Pizza in time for their Happy Hour which is from 5pm to 8pm where you will get a great deal for the drinks. If you are looking for a quiet place for catch up or discussion, Skippys Pizza might just be the place.

Bring along your friends and have fun together. Don’t worry about their price as it will not burn a hole in your pocket. The price range for per pax is RM15 only.

Surprise and delight your booziest taste buds with Skippy Pizza’s signature dishes such as : 

SKIPPYS' GLUTTON PORK BURGER (with bacon, egg & mushrooms)

PASTA - LAMB MEATBALL (with cheesy sauce)