You might be wondering who is Louisiana. Before you start thinking of a romantic story behind the name of the restaurant, Louisiana actually refers to an ethnic Acadian group of immigrants who were deported by the British from Canada to Louisiana. Located in Kelana Jaya, Secrets of Louisiana claims to serve authentic Cajun style cuisine which couldn’t be found elsewhere in Malaysia. Although no romantic background involved, Secrets of Louisiana provides a pretty Romantic dining atmosphere with al-fresco lake view dining. If you are keen to plan a romantic dinner by the lakeside with your love one, make sure you make reservations beforehand as lake view seats are limited.

As mentioned above, Secrets of Louisiana takes pride for being the only restaurant in Malaysia that serves Cajun style cuisine. Therefore, some of their must tries would definitely be the Gumbo which is a Cajun style appetizer. The Gumbo is a stew dish originated in Southern Louisiana during the 18th century that features a strong-flavored stock, shellfishes, thickener, celery, bell peppers and onion.  Besides that, they are also known for their seafood, go for some fresh large oysters or the Jonah Crab Claws that has an overall mild flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Judging by the ambience of the restaurant, you might think that you would need to slaughter your wallet just to enjoy the meal. Well, you thought wrong. Secrets of Louisiana offers all you can eat pasta buffet for a pretty affordable price. With 9 pasta choices to choose from, the buffet also comes with complementary Beverage, Salad and Soup of the day and even a scoop of Ice-Cream for desserts. Other alternative options would be their Steak and Grilled items which are also pretty recommended.

Secrets of Louisiana might just be the place for you if you are organizing for a private event, but you might want to reserve beforehand to secure your dates.