Restoran Park Way is a Chinese restaurant and coffee shop located in SS19, Subang Jaya that houses a number of hawker stalls in the morning and afternoon, while at night it focuses on it’s ‘Chu Char’ (Chinese stir fried dishes with rice) dishes. The restaurant has been an all too familiar fixture in SS19 for Subang residents as the restaurant has been around for more than 2 decades. It has been a regular haunt for students and their parents from the nearby schools as well as being an easy place to get to for quick and cheap food for Subang residents.

As far as the hawker stall selections go, there aren’t that many surprises to be had, so it’s only natural find stalls such as the Penang char kuey teow stall, the chicken and pork rice stall, the curry mee stall which also serves pork ball noodles, the Hakka noodle stall, as well as the porridge stall which also serves fish head mee hoon, pork mee, and mee suah with egg, and a number of other stalls. As for the dinner menu, Restoran Park Way has a few unique and interesting dishes to set itself apart from the other restaurants that serve ‘Chu Char’. The dishes worth taking note of in this regard include the Hunan style braised pork, and their signature dish – the volcano tofu. There are also stir fried vegetables that are available to help add some green to the plate.


In short, Restoran Park Way has been a part of the history of Subang Jaya for a long time due to it’s accessibility and great food, so do head there to experience it for yourself.

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