Started 20 years ago as a petite hawker stall by ‘’Onion Chef’’ in Pandan Indah, now there is a full-fledged restaurant standing in Putra Heights. Inspired during a trip to Phuket, Onion Chef had decided to open up a stall and offer reasonable priced premium western food. The interior décor is kept simple yet humble with warm dimmed lights to keep the ambience going while you devour on their lobsters and steaks!

Moon’s Kitchen offers an array list of Western dishes in their menu ranging of meat and seafood. As you may find yourself scratching your head, overwhelmed by the wide selection. Definitely try out their ‘Chef Onion Original Signature’ dishes because you can never go wrong with the signature dishes!

Head start with the kick starters, do try out their NZ Mussels Lemon & Herb which is Mussels on a hot sizzling plate with their signature Lemon and Herb sauce.

From their Chef’s Signatures, the Chutney Glazed Lamb chop is hard to pass. Every bite of this Australian lamb ribs glazed generously with chutney puree and black peppercorn giving you the balance of sweet and savoury your palate has always craving for. Where else can you find U.S Boston lobsters? At Moon’s Kitchen, have your lobsters elegantly cooked in Thermidor, Quattro Formaggi  or Garlic Butter style and experience ultimate bliss to your taste buds with buttery, sweet yet savoury lobster meat.

When speaking of Western food, we can't leave out steaks right? Moon's Kitchen serves Australia Imported Wagyu beef that comes in different cuts. For individuals, you can order their Sizzling Steaks that is served with a variety of different sauces with Black Pepper being the best selling ones! For sharing, be sure to get their Tomahawk or In-Bone Sirloin steak where the chefs would prepare the dish at the table side on a sizzling hot plate and customers will be able to customise their preferred doneness for their steak. 

Devouring steaks, lobsters and meat is one thing and accompanying your meal with their special drinks is another. Another special point about Moon’s Kitchen is that they do not serve fancy beverages. Instead, the drinks they offer are similar to gerai/ mamak stalls’ like Teh Ais, Limau Kasturi, Ice Lemon Tea but in a big mug! If you want something special, quench your thirst with their range of special mixes such as Ice Lemon Tea Laici or Creamy Soya Cincau.

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