Theme cafés are always fun to visit. Besides the good food that they provide, they also take their décor and interior very seriously. At Fat Spoon, you will find quirky details and creative décor that can inspire your inner artistic self.

Walking through the wooden doors at the entrance will make you feel like you are brought back in time. Positioned in the midst of Damansara Utama, Fat Spoon café is here to serve you Nyonya delicacies with a contemporary twist.   

The menu is remarkably extensive. Some of their best sellers include Ulam Fried Rice, Claypot Lou Shu Fun, and Cempedak Spring Roll with Vanilla Ice Cream. All time favourite dishes like the sambal fried rice that is served with fried chicken, fried egg, cucumber, pineapple salad, and papadam, gives their customers a good money value. However, it is said that Claypot Lou Shu Fun takes the top ranking among other available meals.

If you’re looking for western food, the spicy beef macaroni soup is the right choice for you. This restaurant is known for its aromatic flavours, but with just the right amount of spice which makes the foods the ultimate comfort food. Before getting ready to leave, don’t forget to try their selection of coffees. Their latte, affogato and hot chocolate will definitely surprise you with its richness and goodness.

This restaurant is a go-to place for delicious Nyonya gastronomy with reasonable price. It's pretty and warm ambience will bring back sentimental reminiscences of your grandma’s house. Little note: people usually come here for its famous Cempedak Spring Roll with Vanilla Ice Cream.