Tucked away in Metropolitan Square, Damansara Perdana, there is a small restaurant called Maria's Restaurant & Cafe that offers really great Western cuisine. Just like their motto - “Nothing fancy, simply good food”, this eatery has a simple interior that feels like home with the chequered table cloths covering the dark wood tables. Everything about this place screams cosy and homey. However, their extensive selection of delicacies is something you probably wouldn’t want to miss. From their meats to their choices of wines, everything is picked out carefully to match diners’ tastes.


To start off your meal, why not go for the Spicy Mussels as appetisers. The dish will be served with six plump mussels smothered with spicy tomato-based sauce. Something about the sauce will make you crave for more – it is appetising and the garlic bread that comes with it complement the dish very well. If you want to know the main attraction at Maria’s, it is without a doubt their steaks. Each meat is marinated with a special dry rub of spices and will blend and coat the meat wonderfully. Steaks served here are made without any sauces but with roasted potatoes and simple sautéed vegetables as the side dishes. Salmon steaks and lamb chops are also a must-try here. 


As for desserts, Maria’s Restaurant & Café offers several homemade cakes and a few other desserts. One of their more popular dessert is the Tiramisu.  The sweet treat is topped with crispy chopped nuts and has a decent amount of liquor in it. If tiramisu isn’t really your thing, you can opt for the Prune Cake that is moist and buttery, perfect for those who prefer simple rustic cakes. So if you are tired of all those fancy cafés, why not head over to Maria’s Restaurant & Café and experience a simple and delicious meal with cosy ambience.