The name Lavender Cafe is not a strange name among the folks in Malaysia and to think that most of us have grown to like Lavender on the sole fact that the chain lifespan is parallel to our growth timeline is interesting enough. Started off from cakes to pastries as its humble beginnings in a form of a bakery shop with more than 20 stores across Malaysia, Lavender has taken one step ahead on its journey by establishing a bistro and cafe to cater a more extensive Lavender experience. Baked goods of Lavender never cease to amaze the crowd and the quality is always top notch. Perhaps, their homemade-from-scratch concept paid off a little too well and who would not want fresh and high quality baked goods such as their special made crepe and ever delicious croissant

In Lavender Bistro, or also known as L.bistro, is added with a little twist in it as oppose to the usual Lavender Bakery only with cafe-like concept and much extensive menu such as our local signature Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak Kukus, and even folks’ contemporary favourites of Salmon Garlic Spaghetti. In short, at L.Bistro almost anything can be served, and what more if in house ingredients are free from any added additives. Talking about Lavender’s range of pastries and cakes, they are always claimed to be the best and true enough, considering the amount of people whom a part of majority would have at least tried them once can testify on that acclamation and at Lavender Bakery and Bistro, both mains and baked goods are offered at under one roof. This bakery and bistro still holds Lavender’s signature of vibrant purple shade that can be spotted from walks away even if the fragrance of freshly baked breads emitting off the air is evident to the nose.