What could be great food may also be a great experience. With an ambition to be the best out there, it is most certainly a trial of error and it usually depends if it makes it all the way in the end. Sometimes good things, takes some work in getting there and food is no exception. Indian food is one of the many wonders of the world. With plenty of spices and herbs as well as vegetables and fruits is where Indian cuisine gets its popularity for being unique in taste and presentation.

Situated in Petaling Jaya, or more specifically, along Jalan Chantek, not too far away from Jalan Gasing, Kedai Makanan Raju may just make that cut. The usually crowded dining area extends all the way outside, so the naturally hot weather in Malaysia can be forgiven by the present of many trees which acts as a shade. Inside, the restaurant features a simple and traditional design, with not over the top but unique old fashioned tiles laid around the place.

To be honest, this restaurant is not the cheapest in the area nor the business but after all, they know what their food is worth. Being one of those restaurants that sells banana leaf rice, it is also relatively known for it. If you happen to like fried food, their frying section features plenty of marinated items ready to be order and fried for you. Their fried squid and fried ikan bulus is worth the go. Also, their home made curry noodle as well as the Malaysian favourite, roti kosong, is worth the try.