Sometimes in life, it’s the simplest things that give us the most joy. In the middle of a busy city like the ones most of us live in today, polluted environment, traffic congestions to crowded bus stops, lives a secluded, almost countryside like cottage that houses a café and many friendly faces. This place is sure to make you wonder about the hustle and bustle of city life on whether it is worth it with places like still existing in some places around the world.

Upon approaching the door to the café, you will walk pass a field of grass, much like walking across a piece of land before approaching the farmer’s home and a white platform much like the outside deck of the farmer’s home for him to spend some time on to watch his farm or just to chit chat. Inside, it is probably as cosy as his home, with a light and simple décor and ambience to surely allow you a sense of getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

If you happen to visit this place, do give their big breakfast set a go. With sautéed button mushrooms, luscious scrambled eggs, hash brown, ham, sausage, toasts and salad, all served in a generous portion, is sure to fill you up for the moment and probably last you until dinner. Among the eggs dishes to try includes, their poached eggs and eggs benedict, which includes chicken ham, freshly baked croissant, salad leaves and hollandaise sauce. Pancakes, coffees, chocolate drinks and teas are also available here.


Operating Hour

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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