The name Good Friends is a dead giveaway to the meaning behind this name. The owner’s vision is to create a basic yet chirpy cafe to be enjoyed by a group of gatherings of family or friends, or even some alone time perhaps. Nevertheless, Good Friends Cafe has succeeded in creating so.

A few steps into the place, dimmed white light seem to brighten the place a little but the dimmed yellow emission throughout the entire place more or less gives off a warm feeling, alike of seeping on a cup of hot chocolate on a late Sunday afternoon. This cafe’s pride holds the coffee as its signature Dutch coffee has been hand dripped for 8 hours and put into fermentation for 5 days a week

The owner was very generous to prepare four of their signature dishes which are their Duck and Potatoes (RM 26), Tauchu Chicken Prawn Spaghetti (RM 23.60), Miso Chicken Soup Noodles (RM15), 4 types of bruschetta (RM14.20) and Choconana Waffle (RM15.10). The 4 types of bruschetta they served us were smoked duck, smoked salmon, mushroom and tomato, which were all very delicious and opened our appetite.

Their signature – Duck and Potatoes is bound to take your taste buds hostage with the duck’s juicy and tender flesh. Furthermore, we had never had tauchu with spaghetti so their Tauchu Chicken Prawn Spaghetti was a very unique twist on spaghetti; their Miso Chicken Soup Noodles was seriously slurp-able and very filling. Waffles are honestly the best thing since sliced bread, if you don’t agree Good Friends Café can easily can change your opinion with their Choconana Waffle because that’s how good it is.

Good Friends Cafe also welcomes events and celebrations to be taken place and this cafe has witnessed many private events from birthday celebrations of a family member to a private corporate Halloween party. Whatever the case may be, Good Friends simply reflects its own name as the epitome of a place to be during celebrated events or naturally a gathering.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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