Tucked on the 5th floor of Jaya Shopping Centre, Good Food & Co is not a strange name among cafe hoppers. This family-friendly eatery put forth modern Australian-influenced dishes into its menu and Malaysian sure cannot get enough of them. The dishes here are mostly personally churned by the two founders of Good Food & Co, Jonathan & Lydia, a husband and his wife who have teamed on serving one of the best Australian dishes around whereby the deliciousness and authenticity that are hinted in every bite is a result of years of expertise and skills of Jonathan, who gained his knowledge through working on several restaurants in Perth for several years. And now the recipes are shipped from the land down under to give a kick on our local tongue taste with some of its specialities.

On the outside, this eatery is really attractive with floor-to-ceiling windows and falling lights, while inside, it's isn't very spacious but sure cosy and comfortable. Also, one can always expect a brimming crowd. The offerings of Good Food & Co are of varieties to choose from ranging from appetisers to mains to delectable desserts that simply cannot be missed.

Among the must-haves range, Good Food & Co Roast Duck Speciality is a hit among patrons and a definite must try for first timers where the chicken is cooked to perfection yet still retain its juiciness and fragrant. Other dishes that are scrumptious looking and simply cannot be missed include Baked Eggs with sausage and slices of bread, and this cafe’s famous hot dog called Good Dog where the bun is packed with Marquez sausages and caramelised onions that are served with some greens on the side.  

So if you're looking after a setting that sets off a casual ambience that is perfect for family gatherings or even short meet ups with friends over lunch, Good Food & Co must be considered.