F4 Fish Head Restaurant carries a distinct name to its eatery. Located deep in the vicinity of Subang Jaya Industries Park, this restaurant vacating two factory-like warehouses have cultivated a famed for its curry fish head dish. It’s one of the places where you’re bound to find only good food and nothing more.

As mentioned this famous eatery takes up two warehouse transforming it to a restaurant. It’s been quite a trending concept for many restaurants and cafés occupying spaces in empty warehouses making it a hip concept. Round tables and plastic chairs are places as many as it can be fit inside. There’s a row of plants aligned right outside of the restaurant. There are plenty of fans above, on the pillars as well as the corners of the warehouse so that the restaurant does not get too humid inside during the day. The doors are wide opened for customers to feel cooler.

F4’s signature dish is no doubt the fish dishes. The fish here are exceptionally fresh and is cooked in different ways depending on customers’ preference. One the famous dishes are the fish head curry, the traditional steamed fish with ginger and sauce and the steamed asam fish. Aside from their fresh fish dishes, to complete your meal, try some other dishes such as Ku Lou Yuk, herbal chicken, salted egg yolk egg squid, deep fried salted egg mantis, pork belly with salted fish in clay pot and the classic sweet potato leaves.

Also, on a side note, do taken note that the road leading to this hidden gem is quite a rough journey where the roads are not in the best condition. Although the roads are bad and situated deep in there’s always a large crowd so do bear in mind that you would need to look out for empty tables by yourselves as the waiters are quite busy.

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