Coincidentally opened two doors away from Gold Chili, the famous buttermilk chicken restaurant in Subang Jaya, Buttermilk Kitchen has been up and running for about 2 months now. When we asked them about why did they choose to open the restaurant so close to an eatery that has been doing business for almost 10 years the owner, Wilson Wong, said that it was never his intention to do so, but there was a vacancy shop nearby and he knew that SS15 is an area that is so often visited by many people especially students. 

Wilson worked as a banker for 10 years but always had the passion inside of him to open up his own F&B business. It took a few years for it to happen, but in those years with the help of his loving and supportive mother, he took part in road shows such Riuh In The City, sold his food on Food Panda and other different events to gain the exposure and give people a taste of what Buttermilk Kitchen is all about. They begun receiving positive feedback which helped them gain confidence to finally open a physical shop. 


Many of you might be thinking, why open another restaurant that sells buttermilk dishes when there's so many others already? To be honest what makes this restaurant very different is that the recipes are specially and personally crafted by the Wilson's mom. She takes time to go through every single detail of the recipe to ensure that what they serve on the plates in top quality. 

At Buttermilk Kitchen you do not only have the well-known buttermilk chicken rice, but you can also have the curry buttermilk chicken, fried rice with buttermilk chicken and everyone's favorite Nasi Lemak, but with a twist. The crowd tends to build up at different hours of the day and sometimes it's so crazy that they have to close the shop earlier because they are completely sold out! So be sure to get yourself there early as you really don't want to miss out! 

For starters, we had the "BMK Fried Rice Buttermilk." It's a simple Chinese styled fried rice topped with an egg that comes together with buttermilk chicken pieces. It's a dish definitely worth trying, the chicken pieces are marinated to perfection and only fried upon order. So do expect really crispy chicken pieces and don't forget to dip it in the buttermilk sauce! 

We then tried a crowd favorite which is the "Salted Egg Buttermilk Chicken Chop." This dish needs no introduction as it is a very famous dish that has been the talk of the town for months now. But the twist in this dish here at Buttermilk Kitchen is that you can pick either you want chicken pieces or chicken chop, with the price difference of RM1. The chicken chop was coated in just the perfect amount of salted egg and it goes perfectly well with the buttermilk sauce at the side. 

I bet you have never heard about curry buttermilk ever, cause neither have we until we came here and was served the "Curry Buttermilk Nasi Lemak with Chicken Pieces." To be completely honest, this dish is unlike anything we've ever tasted. The creaminess and thickness of the curry is exceptional. There's a sweetness and savory taste to the sauce that makes your taste buds come alive! This is a must try when you visit! 

When Wilson had the idea of opening a shop, he wanted to be different from the others. A friend of his suggested that instead of selling the mainstream drinks, why not sell Thai Teas since it's something people are into at the moment. Taking his friends suggestion into consideration, Wilson flew over to Thailand and tried many different kind of tea and finally settled with one that he thought was the best tasting! When in Thailand, he came across a hawker stall that sold Thai Milk Tea with milk tea pudding he found it to be very interesting and brought that idea back and tried it at home.

Buttermilk Kitchen has two different flavors of Thai tea, one is the original "Cha Cha Thai Milk Tea" and the other one is the "Cha Cha Thai Green Tea Milk Tea." Both the drinks comes with their very own flavored pudding that is home-made, and if you'd like to add on some pearls (tapioca balls) you can at a different price! 


They also have two other of their own special drinks. First it's the "Lemonade Chrysanthemum" where the chrysanthemum tea is freshly brewed in the shop itself and then the add lemon pieces into the drink before serving. It's a perfect drink for a very hot day as the lemon gives you a refreshing feel. 

The other drink is the "Grapefruit Explosion." It's a fruit infused drink and it taste very delicious. This is drink will surely help you to quench your thirst after such a hearty and satisfying meal! 

Don't forget to follow them on their Instagram @buttermilkkitchenmy as they do offer different kind of promotions at random times and if you're planning to go there for a meal, don't forget to tag them as they love it when you do so! 


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