Busaba Thai Sunway Hotel has only been established but with its creatively designed interior, paired with the quality of their food, they are quickly gaining the attention of food lovers all around. Busaba offers a fine dining experience without going over the top; because who doesn’t love the feel of luxury? Add to that a scrumptious internationally recognised meal; the only thing that can burst your bubble back to reality, in a good way, is the small price tag.

Because of their neighbourly proximity, Thai cuisine is not new in our culture. It has become a part of it and now literally wherever you go in Malaysia you could find some semblance of Thai food. And Busaba Thai may be one of the many Thai restaurants, but their overall taste and presentation is worth a visit.

Try their a bit spicy but very crisp Crunchy Angle Bean Salad to open up your palate to accept more of Thai goodness. Feel royally with their blue-purple coloured Chor Moung, a flower-shaped dumpling stuffed with minced chicken. There’s also their Red Seafood Tom yam and their Clear Seafood Tom yam, the number one food associated with Thai cuisine and clearly we know why. Be reminded of Sambal Belacan’s sister with the Thai Shrimp Paste dipping sauce served with various vegetables.

Another Thai food favourite is Thai Green Curry and Busaba serves it with chicken, beef or prawn. Busaba Thai also offer popular Thai desserts like Mango Sticky Rice, Steamed Tapioca with Coconut Cream and Steamed Pumpkin. With a menu list like this, who can resist the temptation that is Thai food?