Located right at the outskirts of our capital is a quaint and upbeat café- Bert’s. This fast booming area of Shah Alam is now the home to the many cafes abound. But having been in the industry for a while now, Bert’s has earned a veteran badge, having been in the industry for a while now. Owned and managed by a family, Bert’s is home and base to an array of family recipes, from local dishes to the much bizarre fusion food.

 Stepping foot into this café reveals a separated world from the bustling highways and cities, as a warm ambience emanates from the wooden walls and filament bulbs; although a level of quirkiness is maintained with vibrant decorations pinned to a sequence of white boards at the ordering counter.

Of course the weather never fails to scorch the ground and us humans on a daily basis, but that’s where Bert’s selection of fizzy mocktails and ice shaken beverages come into play. The selection consists of seemingly fun names like the “Yap Yen” and “Ping!”, but they mean serious business with their refreshing and fruity flavours that counter the heat waves perfectly.


Beginning with their most sought after dish which earned the headline title on their menu, the Creamy Butter Chicken that got their fans and customers coming back for more. This scrumptious dish has got the all-in-one package from the rich and creamy texture of the butter sauce to the soft and tender chicken pieces. The flavours are well on point too, with bits of cut chillies and curry leaves tossed in to give the plate a more dimensional taste.


Coming up is a dish originating from the northern region- the Moi. It is basically another rendition of a bowl of porridge, topped with a vibrant layer of anchovy sambal, chopped coriander, fried onions, and a salted egg. Although sounding familiar with the typical porridge, the Moi actually boasts a much grainier substance that allows the other ingredients to blend in cohesively, giving you the full impact of this rural dish.

Bringing in the Nasi Lemak, Bert’s hasn’t forgotten this staple dish that is a must have for any place that serve local food. The plate comes with the quintessential combination of having a quarter cut of fried chicken by the side. The chicken is fried excellently- coated by a fine crisp on the outside, while preserving the juiciness of the flesh inside. Simply delectable.

Another dish hailing from the north is their Mee Kuah, which gravy is based on a blend of sweet potatoes and potatoes. This highlights the natural and subtle sweetness of the dish that mellows down the spiciness so that even the uninitiated can enjoy. The toppings and ingredients are also paired beautifully with beef slices, fresh prawns, and herbs to add some meaty and fragrant flavours into the bowl.

Served in between is a duo of snacks per se, featuring their Cucur Udang and Roti Jala. Bert’s serving of Cucur Udang is a delightful munchy as its batter is nicely aerated, giving you the soft margin between the exterior and the prawn fillings; pair that with their sweet sauce and you have it. The latter also did not disappoint, with the beef curry complementing the chewy textures of the Roti Jala really well. It is safe to say that the flavours really stand out, something your taste buds will find unfading.

Moving forward with their fusion representative is Bert’s Spicy Squid Spaghetti. This plate of pasta might seem innocent from a bare observation. But take one bite and an explosion of flavours generated from the “high voltage” green chilli padi, sweet carrots, and savoury squid will hit your palate instantly. Bert’s has certainly used a clever play of ingredients in producing this distinguished dish.

The Bifstik, which is also one of Bert’s uprising local delights did not fail to amaze too. The green pea soup loaded with savoury begedils is nothing but a classic that contributes to our brilliant food scene. However, what makes it special here is that it’s paired with Garlic Bread, yes you heard that right. Instead of the routinely coupled rice, the Garlic Bread option is definitely a refreshing take towards this dish. To an utmost surprise, the combo worked out marvelously with the peculiar garlic taste smoothen out by the rigid flavours of the Bifstik.

In spite of the fact that it is named the Kari Kapten, this dish has no trace of curry in it at all. Instead, a tomato base is used with the right amount of spices to give it, well, its spice. This family recipe is one of their treasured creations that has been passed down through times, hitting perfection on the way. It combines the diversity of a sweet, savoury, and piquant flavours into one extraordinary dish.

Nothing better than to conclude a meal with sweet, sweet desserts. First off, the Sago Gula Melaka which comes chilled in coconut milk. An unswerving texture is tasted throughout the sago, signifying how well it was prepared. Also diverting from the usual route, Bert’s serving of S’mores is also an unusual delivery of the dessert, but did the job well done by swapping in a base of digestive biscuits instead of crackers.


The incoming desserts also stretches the line of these sweet endings with their Ristretto Sundae and Meringue Sundae. The former is a mastermind’s dessert which puts together a coffee lover’s and sweet tooth’s dreams. The layers of cream, crushed meringue, and vanilla ice-cream acts as a rifle that is primed with a Ristretto shot to give it its distinctive flavours. The Meringue Sundae on the other hand, dwells on the fruitier side of life, with chopped strawberries and grapes taking the place of the more harsh caffeine flavour.

To conclude it all, Bert’s Café is one place that caters to your essential needs with their reasonable portions and utmost delicious food, all while maintaining a cozy café where everyone can have a relaxing time in. It’s one of those places you actually get to call a second home.




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