Ayam Penyet Express at Sunway Pyramid is just one of the many outlets which have customers especially Malays storming into savour their authentic Javanese cuisine. Located on the lower ground floor of the Marrakesh Sunway Pyramid, this restaurant occupies a spacious shop lot with a large lit sign above the restaurant.


The exterior of the restaurant is designed like a Moroccan themed to match the Marrakesh city culture. Banners and large ads are placed at the front to draw in customers. The arrangement of the tables and chairs are placed strategically ample space for customers to sit comfortably and for the waiters to move around. The décor is designed in a simplistic form with large pictures of some of their famous food menu plastered against the walls and branch-like pattern is placed right at the back. It's placed precisely when you enter the restaurant you would definitely see the design right away.


It is no doubt the ayam penyet here is the main dish served and where you can see it on every table. The fried chicken dish is made by smashing the pestle against mortar to make it softer. You can order it ala carte or a set where it is served with a side of sambal, fresh vegetables and white fragrant rice and a drink. There’s also a variety of other meals served such as Nasi Goreng Jawa, Bakso Penyet (fried beef balls), Lele Penyet (fried cuttlefish), Empat Penyet (fried beef) and Nasi Lemak with or without the ayam penyet.


Bear in mind that the the chicken may be rather spicy due to the ingredients and spices uses. If you’re not too keen of eating too spicy you can ask the waiter to tone down the level of spiciness so the heat won’t wreck your tongue. It is best recommended with their sirap bandung cincau or their ABC ice kacang (shaved ice).