Classy yet appealing is probably the best words to describe Mycookiestory’s cookies that are perfectly handmade of every single one of them. The cookies made are dauntingly decorated with every part of them alluring customers to get a bite on it. The person behind this successful venture is Valene Lam that made it all happened with his passion towards baking cookies that leads to an exquisite discovery of beautiful characters to be decorated on top of the cookies. Any figures and characters are beautifully well made, almost to the alike of anything that we can imagine inside our head. Furthermore the person manning it seems to be skilful in whatever character customers would like to opt for. For instance, a BB8 shaped cookie inspired by the character itself in Star Wars with its faultless orange, white, and black colouring it is next to perfection – who would not want to munch on some edible BB8?

An exceptional trait to Mycookiestory includes their variation of characters that seem to follow the flow of what is the next big thing and even so, still a spot-on portrayer of its famous facade. One of the many popular team characters that have been crazed over since the beginning of its time is the Avengers. With Iron Man and Captain America’s character head topping the ever delicious butter cookies, they definitely cannot be resisted. Both look-wise and taste wise are the greatest however it is such a pity that Valene does not yet have a cookie stall to display and get a taste on the real deal but instead in the mean time she only takes orders – which is still winning anyway. 

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