Makan Kitchen @DoubleTree by Hilton KL Kuala Lumpur

Indulge in an authentic Malaysian dining experience at the award winning restaurant, Makan Kitchen in the DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur hotel. Live interactive show kitchens showcase the enormous diversity of Malaysian cuisine and you will experience the journey from the raw ingredients to the pan and plate.


From The Salad Bar

Mix mesclun lettuce

Cherry tomato, cucumber, onion ring, corn kennel and carrot French dressing, Italian dressing, thousand islands, Caesar dressing

Local and Chinese compose salad

Nyonya acar – Nyonya vegetable pickles

Nyonya kerabu bok nee – chicken and fungus salad

Kerabu Tang Hoon– Spicy glass noodle salad

Potato salad – roasted potato with onion and streaky beef Kerabu manga muda– local young mango with chili lime dressing

Aneka rojak station

Nyonya Gado gado – Cucumber, sweet turnip, bean sprout, water spinach, potato, fermented bean curd, boiled egg, bean curd and serve with spicy peanut sauce

Live action station

Kuih ketayap- rolled local pancake with sweet shaved coconut

Noodles Station

Broth - Chinese beef soup, Chicken Soup and Nyonya curry laksa

Noodle – Yellow noodle, flat rice noodle and rice noodle

Condiment – Fish cake, tofu, prawn dumpling, chinese cabbage, choy sum and bean sprout

Live Action Station

Satay bakar aneka

Grill chicken and beef satay serve with rice cake, cucumber, onion and spicy tangy & peanut sauce

Sizzling hot plate

Pan fried carrot cake with spicy shrimp sauce, bean sprouts and chives

Malay Kitchen Delight

Steam white rice

Ayam masak erah

Braised chicken in spicy honey gravy

Kambing kuzi

Braised lamb in coconut gravy with local spices Sambal kepah

Stir fried mussel with spicy chili shrimp paste

Ikan goreng berlada

Fried fish in pounded chili paste

Sayur Goreng Rampai

Stirfried mix vegetables with chili and mustard seed Sayur goreng kacang botol

Stirfried four angle bean

Mee Goreng Malay Style

Fried yellow noodle with fish cake and beancurd

Indian Delight

Satay bakar aneka

Grill chicken and beef satay serve with rice cake, cucumber, onion and spicy tangy & peanut sauce

Sizzling hot plate

Pan fried carrot cake with spicy shrimp sauce, bean sprouts and chives

Plain papadum and masala papadum

Hot tandoor counter

Homemade chicken tandoori

With mint chutney, tomato chutney, mint yogurt, lime chutney, mango chutney Cucumber raita, onion raita

Ala minute cooking counter

Plain naan bread, garlic naan bread, cheese naan bread

Vegetarian Dishes

Pavakkai poriyal

Deep fried bitterguard with turmeric and curry leaves Vegetable jalfrezi

North Indian spicy mixed vegetable with capsicum

Paneer bhurjee

Stir fried grated cottage cheese

Main Dishes

Lamb vindaloo

Chicken kolaurundai curry 

Malabar fish curry

Devil chicken curry 

Portuguese sambal squid

Chinese Delight

Chinese roast – Soya poach chicken, smoked duck and Chinese barbeque chicken

Steamer Counter

Mussels, sapak clam and bamboo clam

• Superior broth

• Sesame and ginger sauce

• Garlic and shoyu oil

Hot Soup Counter

Double Boiled Chicken with lotus root and red date’s broth Braised Spicy Szechuan soup with crab meat

Main Dishes

Wok fried noodle with Dry meat chicken and vegetable Mix mushroom with spring vegetable and dried scallop Braised soft egg tofu with mushroom and seafood Deep fried pomfret with spiced salt and pepper


ABC (Air Batu Campur) - Shaved ice topped sugar syrup, pump sugar and condense milk with variety of topping

Cendol Nyonya – Screwpine speatzle in coconut milk, palm sugar syrup and topped with sweetened glutinous rice

Local Malay Kuih

Yam Cake, Kuih Sago, Kuih Angku, Kuih Kacang Merah, Kuih Keria, Kuih Lapis, Pelangi Kuih Bingka Jagung, Kuih Curry Puff Pusing


Ice Cream Counter

Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Ice Cream

Black Sesame Ice Cream, Pineapple Ice Cream Topping – Rainbow chocolate rice, Chocolate chip Red Velvet, Crumb, Walnut, Desiccated Coconut 

Strawberry Coulis, Mango coulis, Chocolate sauce

Fruit counter

Selection of seasonal available fruits

Operating Hour

Saturday, Sunday

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