Looking for a healthy meal that is both nutritious and delicious aren’t easy. We often stumble across with either tasteless but healthy or claims saying that it is healthy when it is not. That is why Yin decided to bring her love of baking and healthy meals to the world.

First opened in Penang, Yin’s Sourdough Bakery and Café has now expanded their business in the Klang Valley. Yin’s Sourdough Bakery and Café uses only the best ingredients to cater to your needs. Serves a variety of breads and pastries, this café also serves healthy and delicious meals for you to try.

For instance, if you’re looking for an oldie but goodie for breakfast, try out their French Toast. Their French Toast probably look just like any other French Toast out there but trust me, this one is worth trying. Toasted sourdough bread topped with caramelized fruits, sweet local honey and a spoonful of lime Chantilly is the perfect blend of sweet and sour to start your day. You might wonder what so good about this French toast and it is actually their lime Chantilly. The lime Chantilly is made out of lime, lemon zest, cream and kefir which has left us a strong impression.

How about lunch? Nothing beats a good meal if it is not rice. Served warm and nutritious, Brown Rice Bowl is great for the health conscious and even vegetarians. Contains brown rice, tempeh crumble, marinated paneer and loads of green, this dish sure screams healthy but fret not it is also delicious.

There also other option if you’re not feeling rice, Pulled Salmon Spaghetti Pomodorro with fennel, dates, dill and marinated paneer or you could go for the chicken dish which is Confit Chicken, eaten together with warm brown rice salad, nutmeg fruit and tomato relish. The chicken is marinated in olive oil overnight before roasting it, making it soft and scrumptious.

Last but not least, try out their Kefir Water to chug down all the dishes beautifully. Kefir water is a probiotic beverage made from kefir grains. The colour looks like beer but it’s actually non-alcoholic and in fact it is a very healthy drink. It smells like apple cider vinegar but very subtle and has a sweet carbonated taste.

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