Nestled in Penang’s very own Chinatown, Tho Yuen is quite an old Cantonese well-developed coffee shop locate in two-story building. The place has been open for decades to satisfy the elder generation that resides in the area and up till this very day, it has been one of the favourite breakfast go-to spots for the locals.

Their main avenue comes from both the dim sum and chicken rice. The dish that outshines among all are the egg tarts and being rumoured to be one of the best, it is constantly sold out. Carrying a totally unique look, the oval-shaped tart is quick to steal the hearts of whoever that comes across it. The pleasant thick egg custard filling is seen wrapped with a thin but crispy crust and when consume, the texture is perfect with a well-balanced sweetness.

Moving on to the chicken rice and as per their Chinese worded signage, it will not disappoint. Every plate of steamed chicken thigh comes with a bowl of rice and no matter if it’s the Chinese white-cut version or the roasted one, the meat is just as tender with a smooth and tasty aftertaste. 

If you are not up for chicken rice, they have a variety of noodles and porridge as well all cooked to be just as lip-smacking like their crispy Yee Mee. You can try out their fried rice too.

Tho Yuen takes the effort to preserve the Chinese heritage and makes their own mooncakes as well, embossed with the restaurant name. 

In general, this humble coffee shop not only houses dim sum to satisfy your breakfast needs, but they will make you stay instead throughout lunch. Before 9 a.m. is always the best time for breakfast if you do not want to miss out on the egg tarts and if the indoor seating is full, you might have to settle for the tables lined outside on the pavement. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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