Only recently opening its doors to the masses in need for an outlet to satiate their Korean food pangs, Kim's Korean restaurant is well on its way to become the talk of the town amongst locals and tourists alike hustling around Georgetown. While it may be a tad pricier than its competitors, the cosy environment and unwavering service of Kim's Korean restaurant staff - not to mention the myriad of decadent Korean dishes; did more than compensate for its cost. 

In essence, should you opt to grace the outlet with your glorious presence, you will soon find yourself basking in an authentic setting much like those you see in Korean dramas; bright and cosy.

In terms of their menu, Shabu-Shabu (Korean Steamboat), Dakgalbi (Grilled Chicken), Kimchi-jeongol (Kimchi Hot-pot), and Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice) are a few of the notable items you can opt for when it comes to savoury Korean meals -with a spicy kick; under the roof of Kim's.

The Korean steamboat is accommodated with choices between beef or pork, along with a healthy amount of complimentary seafood. Or if Shabu-Shabu is not your thing, perhaps a grill alternative can sate your appetite for Korean food? Here in Kim's, they also provide Korean BBQ grills for patrons to have a go at the popular favourite: the grilled pork belly. As for their kimchi hotpot, expect to find yourself sweating from the spicy kick of the glaring red broth riddled with ingredients of your choice. The mixed rice, on the other hand, provides a healthier alternative to dining as the dish is well known for its extensive usage of vegetables, aside from rice as well as meat of your preference.

In summary, this picture-perfect restaurant has never failed to placed itself into the good books of Korean food lovers.

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