Kedai Makanan Liang Seng Jelutong

As a staple in Malaysia, the presence of rice in every meal is not an uncommon occurrence and that includes having rice for breakfast. No, we're not talking about the all-time Malaysian favourite nasi lemak. This time, we will be addressing the humble porridge, a simple unassuming rice-based dish that had existed through centuries of culinary history.

And here in Liang Seng restaurant in Jelutong, Penang, one can have his or her fare of porridge as breakfast as it is one of their specialities. To be more specific, oyster porridge. Instead of the usual white coloration of the typical congee, the oyster variation in Liang Seng is of a brownish complexion due to the addition of umami soy sauce. So rejoice, for this bowl of hearty breakfast is anything but bland to your sensitive palate.

Of course, porridge alone -with or without oyster; is hardly exciting in any sense, and thus Liang Seng helps in accommodating that issue with an arsenal of complimentary condiments that come in the form of Chinese donuts (Yoo Tiao), braised herbal eggs, braised bean-curds, braised pork bellies as well as pork innards, allowing for a hearty, savoury meal to start off the day.

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