Tang Yuan (glutinous rice balls) is a special Chinese dessert that’s eaten during Chinese weddings, the winter solstice festival, family gatherings or just as a dessert. All About Sugar & Gift Café is a café that specialises in serving original Tang Yuan as well as tweaking the dessert with other ingredients. Located at Lorong Susu, Georgetown you’d be able to find this treasure little café somewhere along this area.

The café’s entrance is decorated in a simple Chinese style with red lanterns hanging above, pink paper flowers stuck on the windows and several pictures of their food menu and set meals are placed displayed outside to promote and draw in more customers. Keep a lookout for this café as the sign is rather small. The interior of this little café will brighten up your day the moment you take a step in. Colourful umbrellas are decorated on the walls prettying the entire café.


As mentioned above, their signature dish is none other than their Tang Yuan. A selection of 14 types of tang yuan to choose from. There’s also a variety of fillings: peanut, durian, coffee, salted & sweet lotus and tiramisu are just some of the many. You’re also allowed to choose between 3 different types of condiments- white sugar, brown sugar or milk. Also, try the Tang Yuan in coconut ice cream with toppings of your choice. Aside from their desserts, the café serves an array of local cuisines. The Chinese Wine Salted Chicken with Rice set, white laksa or the Curry Kapitan Chicken Sweet & Sour Sesame breaded fish fillet. If you order the set, your meal comes with a drink and may cost slightly cheaper as well.   


Take note that you may face a slight problem finding parking and service may slow down during peak hours because there aren’t many people working in the café. Although it may take a while, it’s definitely worth the wait.

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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