Melaka is a historical city that is a destination favourite to experience Malaysian culture and history all in one place. One of the best ways to experience this is through cruising down the Melaka River that’s filled with interesting sights on both side of the river. River View Café in Melaka is one of such place that fortunately operates right beside the river. While cruising down the river would let you see various views, staying in one place would let one just take it all in.

The café is separated into two sections; indoor and outdoor. Dining in an air conditioned environment is great for Malaysia’s harsh weather, but dining outside has its own perks. Especially at dusk where everything seems to settle in; witness the change from light to dark, accompanied with the river breeze and River View’s food selection.

River View Café offers both Western and local dishes on the menu. Versatile enough to have pork options on the menu like the Pork Chops and the Oven Roasted Pork Ribs is good news for pork lovers all around. The Pork Chops is served with white herb sauce, mashed potatoes and vegetables while the new addition to the menu Pork Ribs are served with potato cake, coleslaw and sauce. The pork is one thing but the local fares do not lose out either. The Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang is proven to be quite the favourite among regular customers and it also comes with Chicken Curry if rendang or beef is less your style.

The best apart of River View Café is not the view, the food, or the ambience. It is the excellent service that more than made up any shortcomings they might have. Other things on the menu worth trying are Chicken Chop, Kampung (Village) Fried Rice, Brownies and the myriads of desserts.

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