Jonker Street Popiah Melaka

And Melaka is a state where most people go not only for its historical value but also to visit the famous Jonker Street in search of the local specialties. Popiah is one of those food and always have been an interesting dish to consume. Existed as one of the Chinese pride and made from various ingredients, it is also often known as the spring roll when deep fried.

There is one stall that is operated by an elderly man who we think has been there for years now and his Popiah is one of the best; as rectified by the locals. The uncle prepares the popiah fresh on the spot so you are able to taste it while it is still steaming hot. The ingredients included to make this is fried shallots, beansprouts, braised radish, braised cabbage, diced omelette, lettuce, chilli and some special sauce drizzled over before perfectly wrapped. Most would agree that the factor that made it famous was the inclusion of pork lard. It not only is aromatic and goes well with the other ingredients, but it gives a rather chewy texture which results to a very enjoyable experience.

If you like it spicy, there is chili available for you and depending on how much you would want it on your popiah, we suggest you not to drown it too much. You still want to preserve the taste of the original ingredients before the spiciness takes over.

If you have never tried a popiah or seen it been made, this is a very good opportunity to do so; provided if you are in Melaka’s Jonker Street.